The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the principal intelligence and counterintelligence agency of the US government. Its agents have worked with Bond on a number of occasions when American interests have been involved in his missions.

in reality
The CIA was formerly created in 1947, growing out of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Its role was to advice the National Security Council on intelligence matters bearing on national security. Legislation limits its activities to foreign soil, which makes it seem strange that Bond's CIA allies are often seen helping him when he is in the USA.

The CIA is based at Langley, Virginia. It is organised into four major directorates - Intelligence, Operations, Science & Technology and Administration.

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  • in the movies
    Right from the start, the Bond films have made use of the CIA. However, we know little about the organisation of the agency from the movies, certainly compared with the information which we have about the British Secret Service, or even the Russian intelligence organisations. The CIA's headquarters or senior management has never appeared. Instead, the agency has been represented by its agents who have assisted Bond on various missions:

    Felix Leiter: Bond's most frequently seen ally.

    Strutter (Lon Satton): Black agent who worked with Leiter in investigating Dr Kanaga. It is implied that he was murdered in New Orleans, although his death is not actually shown. (Live And Let Die).

    Rosie Carver (Gloria Hendry): Young inexperienced agent sent by Leiter to help Bond on San Monique. She was actually working for Dr Kanaga, who ultimately killed her for betraying him. (Live And Let Die).

    Dr Holly Goodhead (Lois Chiles): Agent who was investigating Hugo Drax's operations under the cover of a Doctor on loan to Drax Enterprises from NASA (although her expertise with space shuttle technology indicates that this may really be her background). She was seen to carry apparently standard CIA equipment such as a dart firing diary and a flame-throwing atomizer. (Moonraker).

    Chuck Lee (David Yip): Oriental agent who worked undercover in a San Francisco fish market and helped Bond investigate Max Zorin until he was murdered by May Day. (A View To A Kill).

    Liz (Catherine Rabett) and Ava (Dulice Liecer): Young female agents working with Leiter in Tangiers when he was investigating the connections between arms dealer Brad Whitaker and the Russians. (The Living Daylights).

    Jack Wade (Joe Don Baker): Oft-married agent with a taste for colourful shirts who helped Bond investigate the Janus syndicate in St Petersburg. He has a tattoo of a rose on his backside (dedicated to Muffy, his third wife) and likes gardening. (GoldenEye). He later acted as a liaison at a USAF base in the South China Sea when Bond needed American expertise to determine the true position of the sunken HMS Devonshire. (Tomorrow Never Dies).

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