Bond's Aliases

During the course of the movies Bond has had to use a number of aliases. The following is a list of these, given in chronological order.

David Somerset
Bond's ticket home from Turkey on the Orient Express was booked in this name. Tatiana Romanov was posing as his wife, Caroline. The Somersets are supposedly from Derbyshire and have no children. (From Russia With Love).

Mr Fisher
Bond pretended to be a businessman representing a company called Empire Chemicals in order to meet with Mr Osato. (You Only Live Twice).

Sir Hilary Bray
When Bond infiltrates Blofeld's latest headquarters at Piz Gloria he takes the identity of the Sable Basilik from the London College of Arms who is investigating Blofeld's claim to the title Comte de Bleauchamp. George Baker, who played the real Sir Hilary, dubbed George Lazenby during the scenes where Bond was posing as Sir Hilary in order to show Bond as a master mimic. It was however somewhat optimistic of Bond to expect Blofeld not to recognise him, when they had met in the previous film, although Bond did look completely different. (On Her Majesty's Secret Service).

Peter Franks
Bond took this identity in order to infiltrate a diamond smuggling operation. Things were complicated when the real Peter Franks escaped from custody in Britain, but Bond soon sorted things out by killing Franks and giving him his identity. (Diamonds Are Forever).

Mr Jones
The name under which Bond stayed in the bridal suite at The Whyte House in Las Vegas. Tiffany Case was Mrs Jones. (Diamonds Are Forever).

Klaus Hergescheimer, G Section
Bond pretended to be this genuine employee of Whyte Industries (who he had just met) in order to get a closer look at Dr Metz's work. (Diamonds Are Forever).

Burt Saxby
During a telephone conversation with Blofeld Bond used a device created by Q to pretend to be Willard Whyte's employee. The voice was provided by Bruce Cabot, who played the real Burt Saxby. (Diamonds Are Forever).

Francisco Scaramanga
Bond took advantage of the fact that no one knew what Scaramanga looked like in order to pose as the Man with the Golden Gun and meet with businessman Hai Fat. All it took was a fake third nipple, although Bond was not to know that Hai Fat had already met the real Scaramanga. (The Man With The Golden Gun).

Robert Sterling
Bond posed as a marine biologist in order to meet with Karl Stromberg. Anya Amasova posed as his wife. (The Spy Who Loved Me)

Colonel Luis Toro
Bond used a cunning disguise (principally a stick-on moustache) in order to take the identity of a real Colonel in a South American republic in order to sabotage an aircraft. Unfortunately the real Colonel Luis Toro turned up at the wrong moment. (Octopussy).

Charles Morton
To allow Bond to operate in East Berlin M provided 007 with the identity of a manufacturer's representative from Leeds who was visiting furniture factories in East Germany. (Octopussy).

James St John Smythe
When Bond visits Max Zorin's equine auction he pretends to be an English playboy who has inherited some stables from an aunt and is keen to get into horse racing (A View To A Kill).

James Stock
Bond claims to be a journalist from the London Financial Times when he is investigating Zorin in San Francisco. (A View To A Kill).

Jerzy Bondov
Identity given to an unconscious Bond by Georgi Koskov in order to transport him from Tangiers. (The Living Daylights).

Dr Mikhail Arkov
Bond poses as a scientist from the Russian Atomic Energy Commission when he infiltrates Renard's team during his plan to steal a nuclear weapon from a decommissioned bunker in Kazakhstan. (The World Is Not Enough).

Van Bierk
Bond takes the identity of a diamond smuggler when he infiltrates Colonel Moon's Korean headquarters on his asassination mission. (Die Another Day).

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