Variations On A Theme

The theme songs to the Bond movies are familiar from a host of soundtrack albums, as well as the films themselves. However, it is not commonly known that there are often differences between the soundtrack album version and what was featured in the movie, as detailed below:
  • The opening instrumental of From Russia With Love is a different mix than the same song on the soundtrack. The ending Matt Munro version also features a different vocal (and a slight edit) than the soundtrack version and has not been released.

  • "Live And Let Die" is edited in the credits.

  • The opening titles version of "Nobody Does It Better" is a specially edited version that doesn't fade out but ends. The version used during the end credits begins with a Broadway-like male chorus before cutting to Carly Simon's song and then it fade out. Neither version is available from the soundtrack.

  • "The Living Daylights" specially replaced a chorus fade out after the second verse in the film.

  • "Licence To Kill" was heavily edited in the movie, due to its length.

  • "GoldenEye" is missing a bridge in the film, though the basic track it came from was the single version, which ends rather than fading out.

  • "Tomorrow Never Dies" is a specially (and heavily) edited song in the film not. The closing song, "Surrender", features a different k.d. lang vocal than on the soundtrack.

  • "The World Is Not Enough" was badly edited, omitting the single most important lyric ("...can't feel alive") instead of the bridge.

  • "Die Another Day" omits Madonna's laughter.
Of course, sometimes the movie does feature special versions of the theme that are also included on the soundtrack, namely the end credit versions of You Only Live Twice, The Man With The Golden Gun, Moonraker ("Disco Moonraker"), A View To A Kill and Die Another Day ("the Dirty Vegas Main Mix").

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