Those Who Didn't Make It

There have been a number of recurring characters from the Fleming novels who have never appeared in the films:

Loelia Ponsonby: Loelia is the secretary of Bond and the two other members of the Double 0 section (008 and 0011). By the time of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" Loelia had left to marry a rich member of the Baltic Exchange. Her replacement was Mary Goodnight, who went on to enjoy a larger role in "The Man With The Golden Gun", and of course the film that was based on it.

René Mathis: Mathis works for the Duexieme Bureau, France's domestic security service. He is introduced in "Casino Royale", which of course has not been properly filmed (although the name was used for a French police inspector played by Duncan Macrae in the 1967 spoof version), and then appears again at the end of "From Russia With Love". However, the closing scenes of the film version were relocated from Paris to Venice, so he was no longer required there.

May: In Fleming's novels, May is Bond's elderly Scottish housekeeper who adds much colour to brief scenes illustrating Bond's domestic arrangements through the way in which she mothers Bond. We have rarely seen Bond's home in the movies, so her absence is not surprising. However, it would make a pleasant change if a future film was to change this, and introduce us to May.

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