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Michael G Wilson has been an influential figure in the world behind the Bond movies. The stepson of Cubby Broccoli, he has been a producer since the late 70s and, with Barbara Broccoli, he is currently the guiding light for the series. He also co-wrote the five movies that were produced during the 80s. However, as well as this, Wilson has also made a number of appearances on the other side of the camera and his cameo has now become another regular feature of the films. The following is a list of these cameo appearances:

Goldfinger: Michael Wilson's first appearance in the movies was before he became properly involved in producing them. He apparently appears as a guard in the third movie.

The Spy Who Loved Me: He is sat in the row behind Anya and Fekkesh at the pyramid show.

Moonraker: He can be seen in the background when Bond steps out of his gondola on arriving in Venice (he is with Cubby and Dana Broccoli). Later in the film he appears as a NASA controller who comments on Drax's space station after its cloaking device has been disabled.

For You Eyes Only: He appears as a Greek priest in the scene when Bond meets with Q in a church.

Octopussy: He plays a member of the Soviet security council and is also on the tour boat that saves Bond when he is escaping from Khan's palace.

A View To A Kill: He provides the voice that can be faintly heard when Bond and Stacey use the lift when they return to San Francisco City Hall at night.

The Living Daylights: He appears in the audience when Bond and Kara attend the opera in Vienna - he is sat next-but-one to Saunders.

Licence To Kill: He provides the voice heard at the start of the pre-credits sequence which says "If they hurry, they might just be able to grab the bastard."

GoldenEye: He appears as one of the members of the Russian security council (possibly intentional continuity with Octopussy).

Tomorrow Never Dies: He plays Tom Wallace, the vice president of CMGN in charge of special projects, seen in a video conference with Carver. He's the one instructed to blackmail the US President with a video tape of his encounters with a cheerleader.

The World Is Not Enough: He is stood in the doorway of the private gaming room at Zukovsky's casino. He hands Elektra something to sign before she gambles her money.

Die Another Day: He plays General Chandler and is credited for the first time, despite being barely glimpsed in the US situation room in South Korea. He also appears briefly earlier in the film when he can be seen in Cuba, leaning against a car as Bond crosses a street.

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