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Colin and Nicola demeening themselves for the press No one can deny that Doctor Who was not the best made or most profound television show ever to trouble the air waves. But it does have a certain unique something and was the first show that ever inspired in me a greater interest than just sitting in front of the television. Yes, I became a fan. Although I am getting better now...

The articles on this site are mainly taken from Think Tank, a fanzine that I was involved in during the early 90s. These vintage efforts have now been supplemented by some additional articles from KKLAK!, a multi-media fanzine from 2001 (and yes, it was named after that Chris Achilleos cover to "The Dinosaur Invasion").

Doctor Who in Detail

A grinning third Doctor Many years ago I created something called "Doctor Who in Detail", which intended to be the ultimate in Doctor Who episode guides. This was in the days prior to the web, so just posted it on the newsgroup rec.arts.drwho. Unsurprisingly, when the web was born it took on its own existence and can still be found in a number of locations. The best version is certainly Nigel Ellis's Doctor Who in Detail 3 where my original material has been supplemented by a lot of extra multi-media information. A more basic version can be found at Siobahn Morgan's Nitro 9 website.

Earning a few grotzits...

I've got a fair bit of Doctor Who stuff for sale. There's mainly novelisations left now (although none of the really rare ones), but they are going cheap. Check what's left here.

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  • The Appliance of Science

    The show from a scientist's perspective

  • Arthurian Nights

    The legends behind "Battlefield"

  • Viking Nights

    Norse myths in "The Curse of Fenric"

  • Genesis of the Daleks

    A detailed analysis

  • Philip Madoc interview

    A chat with a regular guest star

  • Recalling a Bow-Wow

    The forgotten stage play

  • Remembering Douglas Adams

    Focusing on his Doctor Who work

  • Beware The Mentiads!

    Fandom in the early 90s


  • Eponygrams

    A whole new vocabulary

  • Doctor Moo

    A comprehensive look at cows in the show

  • A Load of Balls

    How to win the National Lottery

  • The Very Early Years

    An off-beat look at Seasons 1 & 2


  • Escape Route

    A cross-over with Press Gang

  • The Roadcone Invasion of Earth

    A less than subtle parody

  • The Tenth Plaintiff

    The sequel to the above

  • The Hearse of Peladon

    The third in the sequence