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Welcome to the dusty corner of the Internet that I call home! I'm not quite sure how one introduces a homepage without sounding too cheesy and cliched, so I won't really attempt to - I'll just dive in with the information about me and my interests...

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The Basics

I was born on the 11th November 1972, in the city of Birmingham in central England. I grew up in the nearby town of Stourbridge, which is a fairly obscure place that enjoyed some attention in the early 90s when it spawned a number of indie groups such as The Wonder Stuff and Pop Will Eat Itself. I'm an only child; my dad worked for British Telecom and my mum ran a pre-school playgroup - both are now retired.

Following A-Levels (Maths, Physics and Technology) I went to the University of Warwick in 1991 where I studied mathematics. I graduated in 1994 and was lucky enough to go straight into a job, although that required me to relocate to the south coast. I now live in Ringwood, on the border of Hampshire and Dorset, where I work as an analyst for a science and technology company called QinetiQ. I'm married to Karen and we have a dog called Dylan who is a beagle/Lakeland terrier cross.

If the above biography doesn't make it clear enough, I'd just like to make it clear that I'm not the Matthew Newton who appeared in the movie Queen Of The Damned so any emails about Anne Rice are probably best not directed at me...

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Doctor Who

An encounter with the TARDIS One of my main interests over the years has been the British science fiction show "Doctor Who". While I was at school and college I was involved in the show's fandom in the Midlands, helping to run a local group in Stourbridge called SRS and a fanzine called Think Tank. Both group and fanzine first appeared in September 1989, in the twilight days of the show's original run on television. In the spirit of recycling and in the vain hope that they might be of interest to anyone else, some of my articles are available on-line: Doctor Who writings.

I have made another contribution to "Doctor Who" on the Internet in the form of a detailed episode guide to the show called "Doctor Who in Detail". I compiled this and posted it to the newsgroup rec.arts.drwho back in 1994, in the days before the web. Those postings were saved for posterity and the guide is now available in a variety of forms on the following websites:

  • Doctor Who in Detail 3: The latest version of Nigel Ellis's website based on the guide, now in its third incarnation. Probably the definitive use of my raw material!

  • Siobahn Morgan's Nitro 9 website: A simpler version.

  • Frans Van Lottum's website: The guide translated into Dutch.

    I am currently selling a load of Doctor Who merchandise - there's mainly novelisations left now, but there is also some other stuff. Check out my For Sale page.

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    Cult Television

    A picture of Buffy - can you ever have too many? My interest in television extends to shows other than "Doctor Who", particularly these days, and there is a a whole section of this site devoted to information on TV shows - the wittily titled Newton's Laws of Television.

    I was a fan of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" when it was on telly. I did produce some replacement DVD covers, but I am no longer able to make these available since 20th Century Fox weren't too keen on the concept. However, they were on-line for a while so you might be able to find them in various DVD cover archive sites.

    I have a number of favourite shows from the past which are more obscure than "Buffy" and such as Preston Front and Press Gang. You may find me popping up talking about old television on Roobarb's DVD Forum.

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    Bond...James Bond

    I don't just like my entertainment on the small screen since I am also enjoy my movies. And in particular I am a fan of that other British icon, James Bond. While the character of Bond started in the novels of Ian Fleming, it is through the long-running series of movies that the character has become famous. Elsewhere on this site, you can find The Bond Film Informant, which I have compiled with the aim of being the definitive internet guide to the Bond movies. So it's not really worth me saying much more about Bond here, because you will find it all there!

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    Writings for KKLAK!

    As part of my interest in "Doctor Who" and other cult television shows and movies, I was part of the editorial team behind KKLAK!, a free fanzine that was given away at the monthly gatherings at the Fitzroy Tavern in London during 2001 for a brief period before we all got bored. Although its name is an obscure "Doctor Who" reference, KKLAK! covers a multitude of subjects, focussing on film and television and generally making fun of people.

    I had a regular column in KKLAK!, and all of the articles that have been published to date can be found below:

  • DVDs - They're A Bit Crap Aren't They? - It's about time someone started the backlash... (Issue 4, July 2001)

  • So Long And Thanks For All The Scripts - A Douglas Adams tribute, focussing on his work on "Doctor Who" (Issue 6, September 2001)

  • Reflections On The Water - The rebirth of Bond in "GoldenEye" (Issue 007, October 2001)

  • Beware The Mentiads! - Remembering "Doctor Who" fandom in the early 90s (Issue 8, November 2001)

    You can find some more articles from KKLAK! at Andrew Kearley's site.

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    Here's a few photographs:

  • Our wedding: A few photographs from my wedding to Karen on the 8th October 2006.

  • Dylan the Dog: Some photos of our dog Dylan. He's a beagle cross lakeland terrier.

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    No homepage is complete without additional links to friends' websites so here goes:

  • Adrian Petford's Website: Featuring Xena Warrior Princess and the Sinclair Spectrum, amongst other things.

  • The Pursuits Club: An activity club in Bournemouth that I used to be a member of (and through which I met my wife, so a plug is probably the least I can do!).

  • Darren Starck's Den: Home of Blotto, a Laurel and Hardy site.

  • Eyespider - The Crazy World of Andrew Kearley: Lots of Doctor Who material, plus a smattering of Space 1999.

  • Kevin Nauta's Homepage: Including "Press Gang" fan fiction.

  • LinkMonkeys: Random thoughts and observations on life. Or something like that.

  • Andrew-May.com: Post-Fortean meta-complexity.

  • Ferndown Wholesale Confectioners The website for my wife's family business, which I may have had something to do with...

  • Wellow Dog Agility: The dog agility club that we take Dylan to.

  • My Blog: Everyone's blogging these days!

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