Newton's laws of television

A Number 2 from The Prisoner - not that there's anything about that show here at the moment Newton's laws of motion were a ground-breaking step in the development of physics and changed the way that people thought about the world. But they don't tell you much about old television programmes.

So you won't find much about inertia or equal and opposite reactions on this site. Instead there's a variety of articles and guides to a number of tv shows - some famous, some obscure. This revamp is still something of a work in progress, so please forgive the inconsistent formatting for now!

A note about the Buffy covers...

All that remains of Buffy
Yes, this was the site that used to host some custom Buffy The Vampire Slayer DVD covers. Unfortunately the copyright holder requested that I remove them so they've gone. I can't distribute them by email, so please don't ask. However, they've been in circulation for a while now and so may have be uploaded to general DVD cover sites, so you might still be able to find them that way...

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