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"Press Gang" was a series that ran from 1989 to 1993. Made by an independent television company called Richmond Films and Television on behalf of Central, it was ostensibly a children's programme that told the story of a newspaper called the Junior Gazette that was run by a team of schoolchildren. However, the series was no ordainary kid's show. Although the first television written by a Scottish teacher called Steven Moffat, the series featured witty and clever scripts and was made with care and an attention to detail that is often missing from shows. It also discovered a number of actors who have since become more well know, principally Julia Sawalha, who played the editor of the Junior Gazette, Lynda Day.

This is a detailed episode guide to "Press Gang". It is split up into a number of sections covering each of the five seasons of the show. For each episode there are production details, cast and a brief synopsis, as well as a several sections of notes:

END CREDIT VOICE OVERS: One of the distinctive features of "Press Gang" was the way in which the end credits were often accompanied by voice overs by the characters (an idea later used by "Drop the Dead Donkey"). This section identifies the characters involved for each episode.

NOTES: General production information, including working titles, notable cast and crew members and anything which won't fit anywhere else!
TRIVIA: Interesting pieces of information revealed during the episode.
CONTINUITY: References to previous episodes.
CHOICE QUOTES: Some of my favourite dialogue extracts from the episode.

In addition to the main episode guide, there is a separate page devoted to the chronology of the series, providing a detailed timeline to the events depicted by the show. This was compiled in collaboration with Kevin Nauta.

The final page of the episode guide is the one containing additional information. This includes details of the "Press Gang" books and video that were issued in the early 90s, as well as information on the unmade tv movie and links to other Press Gang related sites.

Mot of the information in this guide is taken from the series itself. In addition, I have made use of information posted on behalf of Steven Moffat himself to the Press Gang mailing list and some details from Adrian Petford's Complete Series Guide. As well as collaborating on the chronology, Kevin Nauta has provided a number of observations that have been included in the main episode guide.

Series 1 - Series 2 - Series 3 - Series 4 - Series 5
Chronology - Additional Information

This guide is copyright Matthew Newton and may not be reproduced without permission.

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