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Other Sites of Interest

General Television Sites

  • Anorak Zone: In-depth episode guides to a number of shows including Star Cops and Sapphire And Steel, amongst others.

  • Bigglethwaite's UK TV Quicksheet: An excellent index to sites concerned with UK television, although it hasn't been updated for a while (an expression involving greenhouses and stones comes to mind...)

  • An episode guide site. With lots of episode guides. It's an American site but it also covers lots of British shows.

  • Independent TeleWeb: A history of the ITV franchises.

  • Kaleidoscope: The homepage of the classic television organisation who organise regular events devoted to archive shows.

  • The Mausoleum Club: An in-depth site devoted to archive television and related DVD releases. Featuring an excellent forum and on-line versions of the old fanzine, Time Screen.

  • mb21 - Mike Brown's WebSite: Devoted to the more technical side of television, including details on digital tv, transmitters and teletext.

  • Meldrum Home Page: To use this site's own description, it is dedicated to television - particularly the bits before, inbetween and after the actual programmes.

  • Off The Telly: An on-line journal devoted to British television featuring lots of fascinating articles.

  • Peter Culley's British Television History and Classic Programming: Colourful site featuring episode lists and information on a range of British shows, plus histories of the terrestrial channels and Sky.

  • 625 - Andrew Wiseman's Television Room: The world of British television, both from technical and nostalgic points of view. Includes idents and logos, the PDC FAQ and the story of the Websnatcher.

  • The TV Comedy Index: Episode lists, cast details and guides to a large number of British comedy shows.

  • TV Cream: Memories of British television shows.

  • The TV Lounge: Off-beat articles on children's television shows.

  • UK Television Adverts: Can't place that face, voice or piece of music from a particular tv advert? If so, then this is the site for you.

  • The Unofficial Thames Television Page: The history and programmes of the former British broadcaster, and now independent production company.

  • Zeta Minor: A DVD site with a healthy bias towards archive television releases

    Specific Shows

  • Ace of Wands

  • Adam Adamant Lives!

  • The Avengers Forever

  • Babylon 5 - The Lurker's Guide

  • Boon

  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer -

  • Dangermouse

  • Dark Season & Century Falls

  • Dempsey and Makepeace

  • Fawlty Towers - The Unofficial Guide

  • Friends & Joey

  • The Goodies - Cricklewood Office

  • Hamish Macbeth - The Wee Homepage

  • Jason King - Jason's Groovy Pad

  • Jonathan Creek

  • The Man from UNCLE

  • Monty Python's Flying Circus

  • Only Fools And Horses

  • The Prisoner

  • The Professionals

  • Quatermass

  • The Simpsons Archive

  • Survivors

  • Teletubbies - The True Story

  • The Tomorrow People - Teleporter Take Out

  • The Tripods

  • Twin Peaks Online

  • Yes Minister/Prime Minister

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