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What's New?

3rd September 2006
  • Changes to The Preston Front Page - addition to the Locations section (the chip shop and war memorial seen in one episode) and details of the DVD releases.

  • Added some extra information to the article on Sleepers. Thanks to Neil Richards, who was the script editor on the series.

    12th January 2005
  • Changes to The Preston Front Page - updated the Locations section since Diesel's garage has now been demolished! (Thanks to Phil Ryding)

    22nd December 2004
  • Added an updated External Links page.

    15th December 2004
    Finally got around to finishing off a revamp of this site, although it has ended up looking a bit different from the interim version that was on-line for a while. A lot of the articles are essentially the same, with only minor changes or updates. More major changes are as follows:

  • Added a few new articles to the Doctor Who section.

  • Revamp and update to the Preston Front site, including some new locations.

  • New additions to Crossing Over, although some have been removed in order to allow a focus only on British shows.

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